The Online Self

The Online Harms Bill and the Internet User

Report on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube Criticism of Snap Maps

Snapchat Maps and the Infuriating Idiocy of the Surveillance Economy

Abandoning Afghanistan and Using the Media to Solve the 21st Century’s Biggest Problems

A Manifesto for the 21st Century: The Meaning of Life, the Climate Crises, Chinese Hegemony and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Crises in Digital Coercive Control 

Peter Morgan: Platform Capitalism’s Rudyard Kipling

The Revolutionary Vanguard: Cybercrime, Totalitarian Anarchy and Freedom of Speech

Mobile Phones Are an Extension of our Mind

Pinker, Cyberstalking and the Leviathan

Climate Change, America, Surveillance

How Amazon Can Fight Ecological Breakdown

Rhetorical Madness

Locational Micro-Targeting is Illegal and Should Be Banned from the 2019 General Election


The Acceptable Face of War

Hong Kong: A Crowd Sourced Revolt

Echoes of War: The Kremlin Playbook

Definition: Clicked into



The Virus of Going Viral 

The Gladiator Emperor

The Coming Revolution: Why the EU is the best body for negotiating our future with Silicon Valley

Why Should We Hate Surveillance?

The Eyes of Doctor T.J.Eckleburg

The Group Chat and The Network

Portrait of an Emperor: Mark Zuckerberg

Homage to Catalonia: Translating Catalonian Independence onto the Internet

Portrait of an Emperor: Jeff Bezos

Thinking About Facebook: Big Data

The Echoes of War: The Alt-Right and Internet Strategy

Thinking About Facebook

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