How Britain Will Become the Happiest Nation in the World the 21st Century

Britain in India

Sam Guinness Diaries of Sri Lanka and India January to March 2017

Thoughts on 1930’s Germany and Hitler’s rise to power. 

Hip Hop, Grime and the Power of Money

Billie Eilish’s Radio Show is a Masterpiece


Breathing and Drinking – Cigarettes and Alcohol

Manuel Castells and the Phenomenal Communicative Power of the BBC

Oratorical Ability and Communicative Power: Hitler, Churchill, The Beatles, Donald Trump, Sam Harris and The BBC

The Importance of the BBC towards the British Music Industry

17 Arguments on the Senselessness of Freezing and Ending the BBC License Fee

In Defence of Noise: Rave Culture and the Night Club

Chelsea Football Club

Worshipping Women, The Great Gatsby and the Romantic Self

The Beatles, Abbey Road and my Introduction to Subculture

Band of Brothers and the Enduring Influence of Adolf Hitler

9 Key Insights From Working With Extinction Rebellion

Hannah Arendt and Christopher Hitchens on the Significance of the Dreyfus Affair in the Rise of 20th Century Totalitarianism

The Truth and Meaning Behind Truth and Meaning

Can China Save the World from Climate Disaster?

Mindfulness Meditation: A Cure for Depression and the Rave like Quality of Consciousness

Space, Power, Meditation and Internet Technologies

It’s Coming Home: English Football and the Power of Song

The Power of Film: The Past, The Lockdown, the Future

The Significance of British Film in the Chinese Imagination

Stop the Cumbria Coal Mine

Enlightenment Now: Aldous Huxley on Symbols, Consciousness and the British Education System’s Hidden Flaws 

Bill Gates Encourages the United Kingdom to Invest £5.6 Billion in Clean Energy and Climate Change Research and Development

Adam Curtis: The Art of Communicating Ideas Through Documentaries

Johnny Rotten’s Not a Punk, Johnny Rotten Sells Country Life Butter 

Space, Networks and the Church of England

Name Colston Hall After Bristol’s Greatest Post-Colonial Spaces

Leonard Cohen: The Honest Partner

Black Minds Matter: Colonialism and the Curriculum

The Glory of Meditation

Alex Turner: Rock and Roll Greatness

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