How Britain Will Become the Happiest Nation in the World in the 21st Century

  1. English is the most powerful language in the world. 
  2. This island is the home of the English language. 
  3. British characters, folk tales, songs and stories are the foundation for the planet’s language games. 
  4. China demonstrates the cultural power of the United Kingdom’s writers. Highgate’s Christopher Nolan is the most popular director in China. James Bond, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Agatha Christie, Paddington, Peter Rabbit and Johnny English are some of China’s favourite films.
  5. Britain is home to the world’s most powerful global media organisations. 
  6. The BBC, funded by the British tax payer, has become the world’s most popular English language news site with 1.1 billion monthly visitors in May 2022. 
  7. The Daily Mail is the 6th most popular English language news site with 373.3 million in May 2022. The Guardian is the 7th most popular news site with 293.5 million visitors in May 2022. The Express is the 20th most popular English language news site with 106.6 million in May 2022. The Daily Mirror is the 25th most popular English news site with 94.7 million. 
  8. This is hugely significant because it means that the problems and stories that are discussed in Britain have a global significance. This gives movements like Extinction Rebellion international significance when they are protesting the climate crises in the United Kingdom. 
  9. Britain is one of the nations best positioned to handle the climate crises.
  10. Britain have the legislative sovereignty that will give them the best ability to be reflexive towards the climate crises. 
  11. Britain will suffer from an increase in floods, rising coastal lines and heat waves. 
  12. One of the greatest problem we will face from the climate crises is the migration of refugees. 
  13. The IPCC predicts there will be 200 million climate refugees by 2050.
  14. Many of these refugees will risk their lives getting to Europe. 
  15. It will be more difficult for Refugees to come to Britain because we live on an Island.
  16. Britain has the legislative power to stop people migrating to Britain, thus protecting citizens from mass migration as a result of the climate crises. 
  17. The Thames barrier will protect London from flooding until 2070 meaning that the Capital will be protected from rising sea levels. 
  18. The island will still be very affected by high levels of flooding, with predictions that flooding at four degrees of global warming will increase sixtyfold. 
  19. The average temperature of the Island is very low meaning heatwaves won’t be as bad as other European countries. At three degrees of global warming souther Europe would be in permanent drought. 
  20. We are a very rich nation that have the ability to acquire food from around the planet. 
  21. Britain is the greatest modern example of a liberal democracy. 
  22. We have a functioning police force.
  23. We have free health care. 
  24. We have welfare and benefits. 
  25. We have elected representatives that are dedicated to helping solve constituents problems. 
  26. We have free and fair elections. 
  27. We have universal suffrage. 
  28. We have abortion. 
  29. We are protected by one of the world’s strongest militaries. 
  30. We are protected by the fifth largest nuclear arsenal. 
  31. We have a functioning travel infrastructure. 
  32. We have access to the internet and therefore have access to all the information on the planet. 
  33. We introduced or invented the world’s most popular sports, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis and Hockey. 
  34. We have the planets third largest collection of people that have chosen that they are non-religious. 
  35. Many of these people were once from British protestant families but through virtue of education aren’t convinced by the existence of God. In intellectual terms this strongly suggests an intellectually advanced society. 
  36. Britons are the most advanced society in the creation of a non-religious philosophy and way of life. 
  37. British spirituality is based firmly on our islands familial, cultural, geographical, social and international structure. 
  38. The philosophy being created by the non-religious Britons, incorporating William Wordsworth, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, The Beatles, David Bowie, Michael Eavis, David Attenborough, Nigella Lawson, JK Rowling, Alex Ferguson, Peep Show, Louis Theroux, Bradley Wiggins and the Arctic Monkeys, is developing the most advanced modern philosophy on the planet. 
  39. Britain has one of the greatest education systems on the planet. 
  40. Oxford and Cambridge are arguably the greatest Universities on the planet.
  41. The education system fails to provide a modern philosophy that provides Britons with a sense of wellbeing. 
  42. Social media has the ability to build a structure for Britain’s non-religious peoples. Extinction Rebellion is very good evidence of the ability to use social media to build a nationally significant organisation based on the appreciation of nature.
  43. If Britain can assert the religions of Protestantism and Non-Religion as important towards British citizenship then we will have the ability to help build a national identity and philosophy that is based on the families, symbols, games and infrastructures that have built our Island and are commitment to it.  
  44. There is a crises in digital violence within the United Kingdom. 
  45. Hierarchies are built through surveillance of internet devices. 
  46. TUC said that 60% of British workers were subject to technological surveillance. 
  47. The Surveillance Economy is encouraging and normalising digital violence.
  48. Cyberstalking has become the most significant new crime within the United Kingdom. 
  49. The Online Harms Bill is the most significant piece of social legislation since the creation of the GDPR. 
  50. The Online Harms Bill will give British politicians the ability to represent the interests of Briton’s users of internet technologies to the major technology companies in America and China. 
  51. The Online Harms Bill will provide the opportunity to hold major technology companies accountable for abuses like cyberstalking through making them review cyberstalking vulnerabilities. 
  52. Britain has to improve education and response towards cybercrime. They need to have dedicated cyber police forces that make people afraid of trying to implement digital coercive control and a dedicated cybercrime hotline. 
  53. The implementation of meditation will give Briton’s the ability to have a better relationship to technology and social media.  
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