I’m Sam Guinness. I’m 25 and from South West London. I’m a writer, activist and musician working with Extinction Rebellion since 2019. My lyricism, rhythm, depth and tone of voice make me one of the strongest song writer’s still alive making music. I’m in search of management to help get signed to a label.

When doing open mics and jam sessions, at places like the Left Bank in Bristol and Steez in South East, my voice was likened to Prince and Ian Curtis. The greatest compliment I’ve ever been given is from a musician that said my Leonard Cohen covers were the greatest she has ever heard.

My claim to be one of the greatest living songwriters is based on my extensive studying of alternative musicians and the thousands of hours I have spent practicing and recording songs. I was bought up reading the NME, Fact Magazine and Pitchfork. I have studied the popular music scene. My undergraduate dissertation explored how the Bristol Trip Hop scene that created Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead started. I have a good relationship with Glastonbury attending every year since I was 18.

I have been gifted with an incredible singing voice that has been improved and practised since I was a child. My knowledge of modern music artists is extensive. I have covered Bowie, Dylan, the Beatles, Elvis, Leonard Cohen, and the Arctic Monkeys extensively. I am writing songs that are as good as anything written by David Bowie or the Beatles.

Given that i was born and bred in South West London, experiencing the city through Four Tet, Chaos in CBD, Kano, Ruff Sqwad, Skream, Koreless, James Blake, the XX, Burial, Floating Points, I always imagined that either Young or XL would be the perfect home for my music.

My life has experienced great adventure, power, excitement and loss; these are all demonstrated through my music.

I have three albums worth of songs. I have written three plays. One book. Two films, one of which I directed, acted in and conducted.

I have a new album that I’m waiting to release in November 2021. The reviews given from my inner London circle suggest it is the best album so far. This will mean that I’ve written three albums in three years, writing with the same quality and consistency as the Beatles at their prime.

Demo – Here

Bond 2066

Bond 2066 is song about a modern James Bond conceptualising the 21st centuries greatest problems including the climate crises, social media and the decline of Western power.


Time is a song about being torn from someone that you love and being unable to recover the relationship.


Putney is about the story of childhood friends becoming adults and realising that the world they grew up in no longer exists. 

Took His Own Life 

Took His Own Life is a song about competition and survival amidst middle class and social media expectation.



Leonard Cohen Songs

You Want It Darker

First We Take Manhattan

Chelsea Hotel No.2


I’m Your Man

So Long Marianne

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