I’m Sam Guinness. I’m 26 and from South West London. I’m an essayist, playwright, film maker, activist and musician. I attended the London School of Economics and the University of Bristol. I work with Extinction Rebellion.
My lyricism, rhythm, depth and tone of voice make me one of the strongest song writer’s still alive making music. I have written three albums, they have all been well loved by my inner circle.
When I was doing open mics and jam sessions, at places like the Left Bank in Bristol and Steez in South East London, my voice was likened to Prince and Ian Curtis. The greatest compliment I’ve ever been given is from a musician that said my Leonard Cohen covers were the greatest she’s ever heard. 
My life has experienced great adventure, power, excitement and loss; these are all demonstrated through my music.  
Given that i was born and bred in South West London, experiencing the city through Four Tet, Chaos in CBD, Kano, Ruff Sqwad, Skream, Koreless, Jamie XX, Burial, Floating Points, I always imagined that Young, Rhythm Section or XL would be the perfect home for my music.
London Shall Be Your Wife

Truth and Meaning

Femme Spirit

Bond 2066

Cheney Walk 

Who Sings Better Than Me


Doing it For the Tunes


Vehicle of my Thoughts 

Leonard Cohen Songs

You Want It Darker

First We Take Manhattan

Chelsea Hotel No.2


I’m Your Man

So Long Marianne

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