Ethnicity, Religion, Colonialism, the Media and Rishi Sunak

  1. Rishi Sunak is ethnically Indian and a Hindu. 
  2. Britain is a nation inhabited by ethnic Britons that have lived on our Island for hundreds of years. I’m directly related to many of the major Welsh families: the Jones’, the Evans’, the Morgan’s and the Powell’s. In Ireland I am the sixth great grandson of Arthur Guinness the founder of Guinness. I’m a direct descendant of Queen Elizabeth the firsts grandparents. My Grandfather was Indian and my family are Brahmins that come from Uttar Pradesh.
  3. The cultural, political, military and economic power of our country is directly connected towards the ethnic Britons that have lived in the United Kingdom. The world was transformed through the actions of these networks of ethnic Britons. The majority of the founding fathers were from the United Kingdom. In America 14.4% of Americans share British heritage. Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand are all places with large white populations originally from the United Kingdom. Britain is seen as the ethnic and cultural home for these white populations. 
  4. Traditionally Britons were Protestants. Today 59.28% of the population is Christian and 32.34% of the population are non-religious. The vast majority of the non-religious are ethnic Britons that feel the church fails to provide meaningful philosophical and cultural guidance. The divorce from the churches that our families attended for hundreds of years is detrimental to our nation. Thanks to people like George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, The Beatles, Monty Python, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Attenborough, Nigella Lawson, JK Rowling and Louis Theroux we’ve arrived at a moment where non religious ideas on British philosophy, culture and well being have started to offer greater coherence to Britons and to the planet. 
  5. Hannah Arendt and Hobbes demonstrates that society is organised through violence. 
  6. The British Empire asserted superiority through racial difference of British Ethnicity within colonies. This was entrenched through military, intellectual and economic domination. 
  7. After World War Two Ethnic Britons had been killed and traumatised in such vast numbers that they invited people from Africa, India, Pakistan and the West Indies to London despite hundreds of years of heavily entrenched racist views towards these populations, different religions, different philosophies, different living standards, different educations and different bio political ability. 
  8. Given the vast differences towards these cultures many of these migrant communities found it completely impossible to assimilate to ethnic British communities. Symbolic, cultural, political and economic violence towards ethnic minorities created levels of stress and anger towards as demonstrated through race riots in the 80’s in Brixton, St.Pauls and Toxteth. The best evidence of the higher levels of violence experienced by ethnic minorities is best demonstrated through grime music. 
  9. Racial and cultural differences create a fear towards non-white ethnic minorities. Many individuals may have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of ethnic minorities. At the same time racism is seen as one of the most morally gross characteristics. People are terrified of being seen to be racist and publicly will go to great lengths to demonstrate they aren’t a racist even if their private attitudes and actions may be heavily conditioned by racial thinking. The media are afraid of looking racist. People are very often shamed or lose their jobs for being accused of racism. 
  10. Within this climate of post-colonial migration the public are obsessed with Rishi Sunak’s ethnicity. They aren’t concerned with his ideas, his ability to have control of nuclear weapons and the ability to deter Putin. They are amazed that he is an Ethnic minority who can talk like the Queen. 
  11. Similarly Indians are obsessed with Sunak’s ethnicity. They view it as proof
    of Indian greatness and even revenge over British colonialists. Since the election bid Sunak’s most popular media coverage is from Hindu nationalist media organisations. To the rest of the world it looks like Britain cannot field a candidate to take care of Britain’s laws, it’s people or it’s religion, this sense of impotence will be felt by institutions and people in Canada, the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 
  12. Because we are so obsessed that Rishi’s Indian the media and public have been so afraid of being called racist that they have given Rishi the most positive coverage that I’ve ever seen from a politician making it seem that they aren’t able to hold Rishi accountable. Meanwhile Johnson’s been completely destroyed by every media organisation. No one seems to be mentioning that Rishi also got fined for the lockdown party. It’s like The Conservatives and the media find themselves in a Stockholm syndrome situation.
  13. Rishi’s familial ties towards India compromise his politics. Beyond his ethnicity we are obsessed with his wealth most of which comes from his wife’s father. If the Prime Minister is financially indebted towards an Indian billionaire they are unlikely to hold that country accountable. India have been supportive of Russia in the war with the Ukraine. Sunak’s father in laws’ company was still running in Russia until the UK Media started complaining about it. This connection is unacceptable for anyone within NATO who are fighting with the European Union. Culturally, militarily and economically India is a much weaker nation the the United Kingdom. The idea that we give our nuclear weapons to a man who is compromised to Indian politicians and businessmen is a huge insult to the United Kingdom and the United States. 
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