After the War in Ukraine the re-election of Emmanuel Macron has won back faith in democracy.

In a world where geopolitical borders are determined by Nuclear Weapons, meaning that we are all protected by American Nuclear Weapons, Marine Le Pen, Putin’s second most useful idiot, was the greatest threat to liberal democracy.

She was pretty much the first and only European leader to offer support following the invasion of Crimea in 2014. She’s previously campaigned in Russia with Putin supporters saying that ‘homophile is one of the elements of globalisation’. She has taken millions of pounds from Putin because French banks wouldn’t fund the Front National because of ties to anti-semitism. Le Pen and her father have campaigned constantly to remove France from the European Union. She is an anti-immigration candidate during the worst refugee crises in European history – Timothy Snyder has written that Putin intentionally worsened the refugee crises in Syria to help sow discord throughout the European Union, this would certainly of been a part of the rationale and timing for the invasion into Ukraine, remember, the popularity of the far-right throughout Europe has been a response towards the Syrian Refugee crises.

Therefore, we have to thank the French for the first Presidential re-election in 20 years. Following the War in Ukraine this was the greatest defence of Western Democracy since the end of the Cold War. Paris, Europe’s most beautiful city, has reignited the legacy of De Gaulle. And now we have Macron leading France and the European Union for five years.

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