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Extinction Rebellion infiltrates headquarters of ‘biggest offenders’ Shell on day of climate action


A handful of mainly middle-aged climate activists, some wearing suits, gathered on London’s South Bank on Wednesday to infiltrate the headquarters of oil giant Shell.

They came united in fear for the future as global warming puts humanity on what the head of the United Nations has described as “a fast track to climate disaster”.

The activists’ concerns are rooted in science. The demonstrations follow the publication of the latest chapter of a landmark climate report by the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change last week, which warned that global greenhouse gas emissions need to peak by 2025 at the latest to avert a “catastrophic” temperature rise. The International Energy Agency has also warned that there should be no new fossil fuel exploration for the world to stay on the path to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Last month, an environmental organisation said it was suing Shell’s directors for their “failure to properly prepare” the company for net zero. And last year, a court in the Netherlands ruled that the company must reduce its worldwide net-carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2030, compared with 2019 levels. Shell has said it is appealing the ruling.

In response to news of the new legal action last month, a spokesperson for Shell said the company was delivering on its global strategy that supports the Paris Agreement. “This includes the industry-leading target we have set to halve emissions from our global operations by 2030, and transforming our business to provide more low-carbon energy for customers,” the spokesperson said.

When asked about the allegations levelled at them by climate activists on Wednesday, Shell shared a statement from a spokesperson who said the company agreed that society needs to take urgent action on climate change and said Shell has a clear target to become a net zero emissions business by 2050, in step with society.

In Westminster, scientists targeting the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said the UK could no longer claim to be a global leader on climate change, because after the latest chapter of a UN climate report was published last week the government announced it would licence new oil and gas fields in the North Sea.

Unveiling the third chapter of the seminal report, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres called investing in new infrastructure relating to fossil fuels, which are behind the continuing rise in planet-heating greenhouse gases, “moral and economic madness”.


Climate protesters enter Shell HQ and glue themselves to government building – video

Guardian video:

Extinction Rebellion protesters surrounded the buildings that house the UK headquarters of the oil and gas company Shell. Some demonstrators entered the building to glue themselves and several XR flyers to the reception desk and to the floor in the private office complex surrounding the site.

Elsewhere in London, scientists from Extinction Rebellion pasted pages of scientific papers to the windows of the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and glued their hands to the glass, to highlight the climate science they say the government is ignoring.


Daily Mail

• Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists march down Constitution Hill to Buckingham Palace in London

• Another group superglued themselves to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy nearby

• Just Stop Oil also launched protest in Purfleet, Essex, with Essex Police at scene attempting to remove them

• Eco activists have launched a number of disruptive actions with police arresting up to 400 protestors so far

Daily Mail publishes XR pictures and video’s.

Outside, one hundred people from XR held up a placard with the name of an individual Shell employee and the words ‘Please Join Us’, while activists also handed out flyers to staff urging them to ‘switch to the right side of history, before Shell turns toxic on your CV’.

Speaking to Sky News reporters at the scene, one protestor in Purfleet said: ‘I’m here today to send a clear message to the Government that they must stop funding new oil and gas projects.

‘We have eight years of oil in this country, we don’t need any more. We have three to four years to do something about our emissions, to do something drastic before it is too late.’

Richard Ecclestone, a former inspector with Devon and Cornwall police, was one of those at the XR protest at BEIS today. He said the scientists had decided on the action in the wake of the Government’s energy strategy. 

He told the Guardian that the action had been put together to ‘draw the attention of the department for business, to remind them of what the science is.’


Extinction Rebellion goes door-knocking for new recruits


Extinction Rebellion climate change activists have been door-knocking across London to attract new members.

The group says it is carrying out three days of “deep-canvassing”, approaching people in their homes to “listen to their concerns” about climate change.

Residents are being invited to local talks, to learn about the campaign and how to get involved.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) says the “outreach” exercises are part of a “week of action” in the capital.

XR says despite polls suggesting a high level of concern about climate change, “rarely do people have the opportunity to share their thoughts and fears about the world”.

Extinction Rebellion: Scientists glue themselves to government department in climate protest

City AM

Scientists aligned to the Extinction Rebellion group have glued themselves to the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) building in a climate protest.

In images and footage posted on social media, campaigners with the Scientists for Extinction Rebellion group, took part in the demonstration unfurling a banner saying ‘end fossil fuels now.’.

This comes as the department looks to try and shore up the UK’s energy security amid the war in Ukraine, with Kwasi Kwarteng championing the drilling of new fossil fuels, and even pursuing controversial fracking techniques.

Following the start of the war in Ukraine, Britain has made a move to ban Russian oil and gas by the end of 2022, while approaching other fuel exporters like Saudi Arabia to ensure energy security.

A BEIS spokesperson said: “We are gradually driving down demand for oil and gas, but we cannot have a cliff edge by turning off our domestic source overnight. Doing so would put our energy security, British jobs and industries at risk and simply increase foreign imports, not reduce demand. Our British Energy Security Strategy sets out a long-term plan to ramp up cheap renewables as we transition away from expensive fossil fuels.”  


‘If Greta can do it, so can I’: Extinction Rebellion activists on why they’re on the streets

Big Issue 

The protest comes days after scientists warned the world faces a “now or never” chance to avert catastrophic climate change. The latest IPCC report, warning the Earth may become unliveable, briefly dominated headlines, until the chancellor’s wife’s tax affairs became more prominent. The news moves on but the problems remain, to XR’s growing exasperation.

A decade after he won a gold medal at the London Olympics, Etienne Stott is stood outside the Science Museum in a bucket hat.

“I really believe it’s the most sensible thing for me to be doing in my life,” the whitewater slalom champion tells The Big Issue.

“When I retired I realised that my ambition was to speak to young people and share all the knowledge that I’d learned in sports. I realised the next generation were in big trouble.


Extinction Rebellion Activists Occupy Shell’s London Office


(Bloomberg) — Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion occupy Shell Plc’s office in London and ask for a meeting with CEO Ben van Beurden. 

Climate protests have taken place at fuel terminals in the U.K. this month. 


Extinction Rebellion scientists glue themselves to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

London World

A group of Extinction Rebellion scientists have glued themselves to the windows of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in Westminster.

They said they wanted to highlight the climate science which the government was ignoring.

Dr Abi Perrin, 32, a microbiologist from York spoke to LondonWorld while her hands were glued to the windows.

“We’re here today as a group of scientists because we’ve read the warnings from scientific colleagues around the world about climate change, the environmental crisis and the urgent need for action,” she said.


‘We’ve been trying warn you for so many decades’: Nasa climate scientist breaks down in tears at protest


US Rebellion: 

‘We’ve been trying warn you for so many decades’: Nasa climate scientist breaks down in tears at protest.

Peter Kalmus and others were later arrested after blocking the entrace to a JP Morgan-Chase building in LA.

In an emotional speech last week in Los Angeles, Nasa scientist Peter Kalmus implored people to listen to the dire warnings of climate change experts.

“We’re going to lose everything,” Kalmus said in a video of the moment. “And we’re not joking, we’re not lying, we’re not exaggerating.”

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