XR London Rebellion 13th of April


Daily Mail

• Extinction Rebellion protesters descended on the insurance giant’s London HQ in the City early this morning

• Sixty activists blocked entrances to the building using superglue, chains and bike locks, and unfurled banners

• They demanded the insurer stops insuring fossil fuel projects worldwide, including an oil pipeline in Canada

• Lloyd’s says it closed its offices as a result but it remained open and was trading using ‘remote capabilities’

• City of London Police moved the protesters on nearly eight hours after they arrived at the firm’s headquarters 

Vidya Nanthakumar is set to qualify as a doctor at Glasgow University next year.

The 22-year-old was involved in a protest last October which left her locked to gates at the university to demand it implemented a ‘Green New Deal’.

She said many members of the public at the Lloyd’s protest were interested in what Extinction Rebellion had to say.

She added: ‘We are about to witness climate genocide. We have to save the Earth and live. We can’t go on like this.’ 

This latest protest comes almost a year after members of Extinction Rebellion dumped fake coal outside the building in a similar protest.



Climate change protesters have said they used superglue and bike locks to block entrances to major insurance marketplace Lloyd’s of London.

Dozens of Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists went to the building from 07:00 BST with the aim of closing the business for the day.

XR said it demanded Lloyd’s stop insuring fossil fuels projects. Lloyd’s advised employees not to come to the building but said trading continued.



Extinction Rebellion protest at Lloyd’s of London attempts to ‘close business for the day’


The Guardian 

Tory MPs criticise Ben Goldsmith over praise for Extinction Rebellion

Chair of Conservative Environment Network faces calls to resign after tweeting support for Just Stop Oil protests


The Guardian

Extinction Rebellion protesters force Lloyd’s of London to close HQ

A Lloyd’s spokesperson said: “Lloyd’s supports safe and constructive engagement on climate change and we’re continuing to work to support a responsible transition.”

The City of London police said there had not been any arrests by early afternoon and officers were working to “facilitate peaceful protest”.

Commander Umer Khan, from the force, said: “Police officers are working with key partners and liaising with Lloyd’s to facilitate peaceful protest and to provide a proportionate response.”


Sky News

Of Tuesday’s demonstration, XR spokesperson Clare Walmsley said: “We’re here to demand an end to all new fossil fuel investments and insurance.

“By underwriting the world’s most deadly fossil fuel projects, they are creating climate chaos – floods, famine, wildfires and death.”



We all have to listen to Extinction Rebellion – they’ll be running the country one day. And no, I don’t mean XR are planning on staging a coup or creating a new political party. It’s simple maths – in a matter of years the established political figures will be either out of office or out of politics for good, and it’s today’s young people that will be stepping into their shoes. The same young people who refused to go to school in solidarity with Greta Thunberg’s campaign. The same young people who attend XR’s thousands-strong protests. The same young people who grew up watching David Attenborough’s documentaries and have already helped bring about change in environmental policies.


GB News

Extinction Rebellion protester Todd Smith has revealed he gave up his “high-flying career” so he could carry out disruptive climate demonstrations, such as glueing himself to roads on bridges.

Speaking on Breakfast with Stephen and Rosie, he said: “I glued myself to the road in Lambeth Bridge on Vauxhall roundabout yesterday.

“Renewable energy is the cheapest and the quickest form of energy that could be rolled out, such as insulating homes and many other things the Government are failing to do. It just seems they are intent on protecting their rich mates.”

He insisted: “Ultimately, this isn’t a cost-of-living crisis, this is a cost-of-living scandal, because it is a political decision and the same people making record profits from the energy crisis, are also the ones that are destroying life on earth and casing untold suffering to millions of people right now let alone what’s coming in the future.”



Extinction Rebellion activists blocked the entrance to Lloyd’s of London this morning in protest at the insurance sector’s backing of the fossil fuel industry.

Demonstraters gathered at the insurance giant’s Lyme Street office at around 7am on Tuesday morning and prevented employees from entering.

Clare Walmsley, a spokesperson from Extinction Rebellion, said: “We’re here to demand an end to all new fossil fuel investments and insurance. By underwriting the world’s most deadly fossil fuel projects, they are creating climate chaos – floods, famine, wildfires and death.

A total of 38 activists were arrested on Sunday after crowds of people sat in the road to block traffic on Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridges, the Metropolitan Police said.

Meanwhile, Just Stop Oil claimed to have disrupted oil supplies at three sites in a tenth day of action. Police said the group’s tactics were “exceptionally dangerous” and are putting themselves and officers at “unacceptable” risk of harm.


The Ecologist 

The climate campaigners are demanding that Lloyd’s of London stop insuring fossil fuels projects, and highlighted the Trans Mountain Pipeline extension in Canada, which they believe is being insured through the Lloyd’s marketplace.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline in Canada has been fiercely opposed by Indigenous communities whose land it cuts through, and would allow a dramatic increase in the amount of tar sands Canada could export, shipping 590,000 barrels per day of tar sands crude.



Extinction Rebellion force Lloyd’s of London to close headquarters after blocking entrance



Westminster’s favourite millionaire environmentalists are it again. It seems that one or other of the Goldsmith brothers can’t go three months without sticking their foot in it. Today it’s the turn of Ben, the less prominent but no less gaffe-prone millionaire, who is one of the non-executive directors in Defra – the environment department in which his brother Zac currently serves as minister

Ben Goldsmith tweet:

Not a good look from @UKLabour. The protestors are right to be doing whatever it takes to wake people up. The fossil fuel industry is grubby and dangerous. We need to unhook ourselves from our dependence asap. I’m with @ExtinctionR.



Conservative MPs are calling for the financier Ben Goldsmith to be sacked from his role at the Environment Department after he expressed support for the activist group Extinction Rebellion.

Mr Goldsmith – who has been a non-executive board member at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs since 2018 – posted a tweet earlier this morning criticising Labour’s call for injunctions against ‘Just Stop Oil’ (JSO) protests, which have caused chaos at petrol stations.

“This morning I tweeted in a personal capacity my sympathies for the Extinction Rebellion protests. Support of ER is neither a Conservative Environmental Network nor a DEFRA position. I have therefore retracted these tweets,” he said.


Time Out

Extinction Rebellion protestors stopped Lloyd’s of London from opening today



Top Tory Ben Goldsmith faces calls to resign after backing Extinction Rebellion protests

Tory MPs were furious that the Defra board member, the brother of government minister Zac Goldsmith, said the activists were right to do ‘whatever it takes’


Daily Mail 

Now Top Tory environmentalist Ben Goldsmith calls XR eco-activists methods’ ‘bonkers’ and DELETES tweet backing oil terminal stunts after furious backlash from Tory MPs 

City AM 

Extinction Rebellion miss the point: the City is at the heart of climate fight

They may not be everybody in the City’s cup of tea, but Extinction Rebellion certainly liven up the place. Yesterday’s protest outside the Lloyd’s building by lunchtime had a party atmosphere: the sight of a broker or two enjoying a takeaway pint in the sun listening to the group’s band was probably a Lime Street first. 


GB News

Extinction Rebellion protester brags ‘our tactics are working’ and declares he is ready to go to jail

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