XR London and Paris Rebellion Media Monitoring 17th April

Climate change activists block central Paris square

PARIS, April 16 (Reuters) – Climate change activists forced the closure of a main square in central Paris on Saturday to protest against the environmental programmes put forward by France’s remaining presidential candidates.

Just eight days ahead of a runoff that will determine who will lead the European Union’s second-largest economy for the next five years, polls show the centrist president is slightly ahead of his far-right rival, but the contest promises to be tight.


Eco-rabble shut down Marble Arch: Extinction Rebellion mob cause traffic NIGHTMARE in London as they glue themselves to a limousine and eco-warrior Swampy scales the monument 

• Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked off roads around the Marble Arch near Speaker’s Corner

• Earlier today the eco fanatics climbed onto a Shell oil tanker at a petrol station in Bayswater, London

• Along with eco-mob Just Stop Oil, XR have brought 16 days of disruption to traffic, oil depots and commuters

• Comes after activists blocked four of London’s busiest bridges on Good Friday – causing traffic chaos

• Several oil firms secured injunctions to stop environmental protesters from targeting fuel processing sites 

XR members convened in Hyde Park earlier today before one group – which included two former Olympians – climbed onto a Shell oil tanker at nearby Bayswater, leading to six arrests.

But in their ‘mass action’ event of the day, they targeted the landmark near Speaker’s Corner, lighting flares and playing bongos in the middle of the road as infamous activist Swampy was seen climbing the 45-foot-tall monument.

The group had prepared the disruption ahead of time, getting hold of a black limousine and parking it in the road of the road for activists to lock or glue their hands to.

Holly-Anna Petersen, a Christians of Extinction Rebellion activist, revealed: ‘Blocking the road at Marble Arch, by people locking onto a limo. Massive well done to all those who made this possible.

It’s ridiculous that we’re still having to do this. Arrests happening now. By the way – the people in the car are @XRebellionUK people too!’

It came after six people were arrested for interfering with an oil tanker outside of a petrol station a short distance down the road. 

Gold medal-winning slalom canoeist Etienne Stott and sailor Laura Baldwin glued themselves to the top of the tanker at a petrol station in Bayswater, near Paddington this morning. 


Six people have been arrested after climate change activists, including two Olympians, scaled an oil tanker.

Extinction Rebellion protesters surrounded the Shell tanker in Bayswater Road in London in protest at the use of fossil fuels.

Gold medal-winning canoeist Etienne Stott and sailor Laura Baldwin had glued themselves to the top of the tanker, Extinction Rebellion said.

The Met said six arrests for vehicle interference had been made.

It is not known if the two Olympians were among those arrested.

The messaging on this rebellion is great – protesting fossil fuels immediately isolates the problem associated w the climate crises.

Team GB gold medalist ‘arrested for gluing himself to oil tanker at XR protest’

Metro.co.uk has tried to contact Mr Stott. A Met spokesperson said the force did not confirm individual cases but said six people were arrested.

In a statement released before the protest, the sportsman said: ‘I am acting to try to disrupt the toxic fossil fuel industry that is destroying everything we hold dear.

‘I am hoping we can slow it down long enough to create a moment where everyone can stop and think where we are going and change course.’

He contined: ‘We need our government to rein in these companies and stop investing in fossil fuels now, rather than allowing oil companies to continue their stranglehold on our lives and our future. 

‘I am aware that my actions will cause anger to many people and I am prepared to be held accountable.

‘But our government should also be held to account for its decisions which are destroying our planet’s ability to support human civilisation.’

Mr Stott was joined by fellow Olympian sailor Laura Baldwin who echoed similar thoughts.

She said: ‘I feel desperate for our government to act on the climate crisis.

‘I’ve been moved to take action having witnessed scientists and doctors risking their liberty to tell us that we will lose everything we love unless aggressive cuts to emissions are made immediately, and by people losing their lives and livelihoods right now around the world. 

‘This is the most critical time in the history of humanity and I feel I must do all that I can to raise the alarm.’


Extinction Rebellion: Six activists arrested after Olympians climb on an oil tanker

In a statement, Met Police said: “We attended Bayswater Road at approx. 0850 BST to deal with a number of protestors who had climbed on an oil tanker. We have made six arrests for vehicle interference. The road is now open.”

Shell response = genius ability of xr to hold the largest companies in the world accountable

A spokesperson for Shell said: “We respect the right of everyone to express their point of view – we only ask that they do so with their safety and the safety of others in mind. 

We agree that society needs to take urgent action on climate change. Shell has a clear target to become a net-zero emissions business by 2050, in step with society.

“We are also deeply committed to the UK and are planning to invest between £20 billion and £25 billion in the UK energy system over the next decade – more than 75% of this will be in low and zero-carbon products and services, including offshore wind, hydrogen and electric mobility.

“We welcome constructive engagement on our strategy and the energy transition.”

Statement from XR: 

They said: “In April, Extinction Rebellion has joined forces with other movements to block oil facilities around the UK until the government agrees to our immediate demand: stop all new fossil fuel investments immediately.

“Standing in solidarity with all people around the world who are defending their lives, land, wildlife and cultures in the face of the crisis, we will cause maximum material disruption and tell the story of the fossil fuelled corruption at the heart of our democracy.


A marine biologist held by police for more than 48 hours over a climate crisis protest was taken from her cell to hospital in an ambulance.

Emma Smart, 44, one of nine scientists affiliated with Extinction Rebellion who were arrested at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), had gone on hunger and thirst strike to protest against the conditions in which she was being held.

On Friday, Peter Kalmus, the Nasa climate scientist who has taken part in scientists’ climate crisis protests in the US, offered his support to Smart and called on others to join civil disobedience protests.

“My heart goes out to Emma, she’s in the next level of risk. I’m grateful for what she’s doing and I hope that the world starts to support her,” Kalmus said. “The best way to support Emma is to start taking civil disobedience actions yourself. Because as more and more of us start to take these sorts of actions, the risk for all of us starts to decrease.

“To the governments that are imprisoning Emma and are trying to shut down this kind of protest: you’re on the wrong side of history and it’s absolutely clear now.”


Eco protesters from Extinction Rebellion climbed on top of a Shell oil tanker off Bayswater Road, near Hyde Park, on Saturday.

Three people – including Olympians Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin – sat on top of the tanker with a banner that read “END FOSSIL FILTH”.

Several people surrounded the tanker, holding banners that read “END FOSSIL FUELS NOW”.


Extinction Rebellion protesters glue themselves to oil tanker near Hyde Park


Extinction Rebellion says Olympic gold medal-winning canoeist Etienne Stott and fellow British Olympian Laura Baldwin were among the demonstrators.

Six people have been arrested after Extinction Rebellion activists climbed on top of an oil tanker in central London.

The climate group said three people climbed on top of the Shell tanker, holding a banner which said “end fossil filth” in Bayswater Road on Saturday morning.

Extinction Rebellion said Olympic gold medal-winning canoeist Etienne Stott and fellow British Olympian Laura Baldwin were among those demonstrating.

A spokesperson for Shell said: “We respect the right of everyone to express their point of view – we only ask that they do so with their safety and the safety of others in mind.

“We agree that society needs to take urgent action on climate change. Shell has a clear target to become a net zero emissions business by 2050, in step with society”.

It added that it welcomes “constructive engagement on our strategy and the energy transition”.

It comes as Extinction Rebellion said thousands of people are expected to descend on Hyde Park on Saturday and it is planning a “highly disruptive mass action” following several days of protests against new fossil fuel investments.

On Friday, hundreds of activists blocked Waterloo, Blackfriars, Lambeth and Westminster bridges as part of their campaign.


Climate activists disrupt traffic in London, Paris

In Paris, activists hung out a large red banner that read: “This world is dying. Let’s build the next one.” The protest is scheduled to continue until Monday.

“Rebelling is our duty,” had been daubed in graffiti on a wall nearby.

“This is the only way of ensuring that everyone talks a bit about climate change,” Antoine, a young activist who declined to give his surname, told AFP.

A line of French riot police stood opposite the protesters, but officers did not intervene.

A scientist from the group, Emma Smart, was freed on Saturday after starting a hunger strike following her arrest earlier in the week during a protest targeting the British energy ministry, Extinction Rebellion said.

Many French environmentalists have been left despondent after the first round of presidential elections last weekend in which Greens candidate Yannick Jadot and hard-left ecologist Jean-Luc Melenchon were eliminated.


The president said that under his leadership, France would be the first major nation to abandon oil, coal and gas.

He promised new investments in renewable energy and crackdowns on air pollution and plastic.

Mr Macron’s plans include building up to 14 new nuclear reactors and 50 offshore wind farms by 2050, as well as increasing solar power capacity.

He said his next prime minister would take charge of what he called “green planning”.

In Paris, hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists blocked a main road in the city centre to denounce what they described as the inaction of French politicians.

Great demonstration of xr electoral capacity.


Two people climb Marble Arch amid Extinction Rebellion fossil fuel protests


A large crowd of demonstrators calling themselves Extinction Rebellion demanded slashing of new infrastructure plans linked to fossil fuels and warned about climate change at protests in the capitals of the UK and France.


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