This Drinks Party Is Not What Our Nation Needs (written January 2022)

Not since Winston Churchill has the United Kingdom’s political fate been so influenced and relied upon as with Boris Johnson. Without Johnson Brexit would not have been voted for. Thus, like a British version of Midnight’s Children, after the Brexit vote on the 23rd of June 2016, this country was chained towards the political talents of Johnson. Amidst the climate crises, cybercrime and warfare, the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the mass devolution of power towards Silicon Valley and the increasing power of the authoritarian CCP party, Britain decided that Brexit was the subject that would consume this country’s greatest political minds. After five years of parliamentary and intellectual attrition where god knows how many important issues were ignored because of the Brexit dealings, we managed to have a parliamentary election in 2019 where Boris Johnson, after five years of boredom and gridlock, managed to win the largest percentage of the vote since Margaret Thatcher in 1979 suggesting that we may have a decade of stable leadership. Given that evaluations on Brexit had been voted for in the 2017 and 2019 election, it was clear that the referendum that had been won by Johnson had been accepted by the exhausted voting public. The 2019 majority suggested that we would have the stability that this country needed after the polarisation caused through the Brexit vote. 

We are now in a situation where the Prime Minister may lose his job and trigger a leadership election after a drinks party was held at Number 10 Downing Street during the lockdown. One hundred people were invited and forty, including Johnson, attended. This drinks party is worrying for various reasons:

  1. The people that formulated and implemented the laws on lockdown were likely those in attendance at the party. 
  2. Boris Johnson didn’t stop the party going ahead suggesting an extraordinary level of stupidity. 
  3. Of the 100 people working in Number 10 none of them had the confidence or bravery to stop the drinks party going ahead suggesting great levels of cowardice. 

Johnson then lied to the public and now there is talk in major media news sites saying that Johnson needs to leave Number 10 Downing Street. To have battled 5 years to win a referendum, implement the result, gain national legitimacy, successfully lead the country through the pandemic and then lose the leadership over an illegal Evelyn Waugh summer drinks party during the coronavirus is completely senseless for the planet, for the country, for the party and for Boris Johnson. It is like the equivalent of being in the trenches of World War 1 since 1914 and then losing it all through a game of Rummy. 

The stability our island deserved following five years of Brexit negotiations and two years of the Coronavirus has quite literally been pissed away at a drinks party putting everyone in an impossibly awkward political circumstance. The situation is stranger than Evelyn Waugh and at the centre of it all lies one man chained to our nation, who, if he falls in such a frivolous manner, makes a complete mockery of the last seven years of his and our countries political developments. Imagine Britain in 2016 before the vote. It was missing Extinction Rebellion, yet it also hadn’t been scarred by the Brexit process, the election of Donald Trump, the annexation of Hong Kong and the Coronavirus. This drinks party is not what this country needs and it certainly isn’t what it deserves.  

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