The Queen

Great Britain is one of the oldest nations in the world and in Europe. This means that as a nation we inherit traditions, narratives and ideas for all countries on the planet. The British Isles’ cultural position is made of much greater significance because English has become the language of the world and the language of the internet. 

Elizabeth the Second was the island’s Queen. She was the head of state. She was the head of church. She was the meaning of the royal crest. She was the Queen’s speech at Christmas. She was the media’s favourite character. She was a sense of order and coherence towards this island and the commonwealth and the English language. She was the head of her family.  

The Queen has been Britain’s greatest actor. A nation is a geographical boundary in which people make a decision to join a community of people to enjoy our existence. The Queen offered the greatest sense of the meaning of Britain and Britons, and this meaning is embodied in the national religion, the concert halls, the shops and the stories dedicated to the Queen.

Britain faces a series of very important challenges. We have to effectively introduce a new king to understand and protect the importance of Britain, Britons and the English language. We have to understand and communicate the profound legacy of Queen Elizabeth the Second. We have to offer guidance and leadership towards the idea of Britain and Britons embodied in the Queen.

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