Musings by Sam Guinness

I’m Sam Guinness (BA History University of Bristol; MSC Media and Communications London School of Economics). I’m 26 and from Putney in South West London. I have authored four albums, three plays and two books.

I am the founder of the surveillance watch dog The Coalition Against Digital Coercive Control. In February 2022 I made a major contribution towards a government amendment on cyberstalking in the Online Safety Bill. 

This play is the product of three years of working in the social sciences of the internet, and three years of working for the Extinction Rebellion media team.

Musings is a play about the climate crises within an archetypal town in London. Paul, the protagonist, finds out that he’s been monitored consistently within mainstream and social media networks from the moment of birth making him the most famous man on the planet. He uses his fame to bring down a local populist right wing uprising that aims to reverse all laws on climate change. The right wing uprising are completely obsessed with the actor Michael Caine and their main political argument is falsely associating Michael Caine with anti-climate politics. The play actively interacts with the complexity of information sharing in the age of the smartphone and the problems we face in regards to effective climate legislation and the obsession towards the sense of self which dominates modern politics.

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