Mindfulness Meditation: A Cure for Depression and the Rave like Quality of Consciousness

I used to experience periods of depression. There was a pattern towards the experience. I would fixate on something painful or worrying for days or months. In response to entertaining the same thought patterns, painful bodily sensations would arise. The inability to transcend these thought patterns combined with the length of their concern would serve to deepen the psychological suffering.

Through learning how to meditate you can transcend depression through understanding how thoughts and bodily sensations arise and pass. Through listening to the true nature of your thoughts and sensation you are able to recognise them as thought and sensation as opposed to how they manifest themselves within the mind in relation to a problem that you face. This will enable you to abandon the terrifying combination of negative thoughts and emotions.

This is the only life that we have, and consciousness is the richest thing that we have been given. When going to festivals or raves there is this euphoric moment where you are in your most attractive outfit and, aided by music, dancing and alcohol, at your biological strongest, and then find yourself running into loving and familiar people. There is a dream like quality to these encounters. Everyone at their best raving under one roof. The finiteness of life and the richness of consciousness means that, even without the music, alcohol or crowds, we should have this experience every time we see or speak to the people we love. We do not know when the music will stop, when the beauty will fade, when the strength will weaken or when we will have the final good interaction with someone we love, like or admire. Nonetheless, we are aware that eventually, one day, this moment will end.

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