Control – A Film About Cyberstalking

Control is the first film ever told through the lens of a stalkerware app. The film has been written, directed and composed by myself. I have worked with excellent actors from Yale and the LSE and a programmer from the University of Manchester. 

I have led the Coalition Against Technology Facilitated Coercive Control since September 2020. This has included giving evidence about cyber stalking to the Law Commission and MP Fleur Anderson. 

The story draws upon the excellent literature from the likes of Liz Yardley, Emma Short and Leonie Tanczer. The sense of omniscience enacted by the abuser is exemplified through the availability of tools offered to the stalker and the qualitative effect on Dusty. She is stalked at work, on holiday and even when calling for help. 

Stalking has increasing exponentially in recent years. In 2019 there were 27,156 offences. In 2020 there were more than 80,000. This makes it the most significant new crime in the United Kingdom.

The state of digital violence today is unsettling and badly monitored. Attitudes towards surveillance are existing beyond the realm of morality and reason and becoming habit. There was once a time where a president of the United States was impeached for cyberstalking yet today figures are acknowledged without protest, without condemnation. Unless we fight against digital coercive control, in the workplace and the homes, it may become the new normal for the 21st century, ushering in a new spectre of violence.

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