Subjective Historical Determinism

I’ve made a philosophical, historical and ethical hypothesis I’m calling ‘Subjective Historical Determinism’.  

Hypothesis of Subject Historical Determinism:

1. The uniqueness of our existence and glory of consciousness is so unlikely that we cannot have wished the past to have been any different were it to impact our chance of being born. 

2. Therefore, every ethical, historical and philosophical judgement that we make prior to our existence has primarily to be a calculation of how we may have been born to a given circumstance. For instance, one may have to assume gratefulness because of mass migration, even within the context of terror or disaster. 

3. To make an effective moral statement about the past one has to adopt the position, for instance, that while I am thankful that the Roman invasion of AD 43 led to my creation, I am of the opinion that the Roman Conquest was completely unjust. Therefore, all morality, ethics and problem solving must be founded on the conditional calculation of your being born, which, very often, leads towards embracing gravely immoral events and philosophical doctrines.

4. After someone has been born, they have the ability to make assertions on the present and future, yet must be aware that events they call  immoral or unjust will inevitably lead towards the greatest level of individual justice and morality through creating the unique conditions into which certain individuals will be born.

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