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Extinction Rebellion: Seventy arrested at climate change protests


Seventy people were arrested during a spate of Extinction Rebellion protests across London.

Six people, including two Olympic athletes, were detained for scaling and gluing themselves to an oil tanker near Hyde Park on Saturday, police said.

Dozens more were arrested at Marble Arch as demonstrators climbed the structure to attach a green banner reading “end fossil fuels now”.

Protesters also blocked the road and surrounded a car.


Extinction Rebellion: 213 arrested after protests hit London


Arrests were made for a number of offences including criminal damage and obstruction of the highway

On Good Friday, the group took over London’s bridges bringing the capital to a standstill.

They marched onto Westminster Bridge, Lambeth Bridge and London Bridge to protest the Government’s response to climate change.

Others gathered in Hyde Park and marched through the capital’s streets in protest.

Extinction Rebellion have been storming the streets of London throughout April in an attempt to disrupt the fossil fuel industry.

They said: “In April, Extinction Rebellion has joined forces with other movements to block oil facilities around the UK until the government agrees to our immediate demand: stop all new fossil fuel investments immediately.

“Standing in solidarity with all people around the world who are defending their lives, land, wildlife and cultures in the face of the crisis, we will cause maximum material disruption and tell the story of the fossil fuelled corruption at the heart of our democracy.

Extinction Rebellion protesters scale Marble Arch to hoist a banner

The Independent 


Extinction Rebellion mount ‘civil disobedience’ protests in Paris

Connexion France

The eco movement occupied several major boulevards in the capital in a bid to call on the forthcoming new government to take stronger action against climate change

Climate change protesters under the Extinction Rebellion banner have been mounting “civil disobedience” demonstrations in Paris to call on the next government to take action on global warming.

Hundreds of protesters have been occupying parts of the capital’s major boulevards in the 2nd and 10th arrondissements since Saturday (April 16), with most dispersed by yesterday evening (Monday, April 18). 

The Paris protests were joined by similar movements in other major cities, including New York and London.

The aim of the sit-in in Paris is to bring attention to the climate change emergency, following the alarm issued by the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, and to put pressure on the next government, whoever wins the final round of the French presidential election on April 24.


Trial of Extinction Rebellion co-founder delayed pending High Court judgment


Gail Bradbrook, 49, appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday accused of causing £27,500 in damage to the Department for Transport building.

Her trial was due to start on Monday, but was delayed after Attorney General Suella Braverman asked for clarification from the Court of Appeal over the circumstances in which defendants can cite their human rights as a defence in a case of criminal damage.


Extinction Rebellion and Palestine Action activists blockade entrance of Israeli arms firm’s London HQ

Morning Star Online

CLIMATE activists today targeted the London HQ of Israel’s largest private arms firm in protest at “brutal” attacks on al-Aqsa mosque by Israeli forces in recent days.

Members of the youth branch of Extinction Rebellion teamed up with the Palestine Action group to blockade the entrance of Elbit Systems’ offices in Holborn on Wednesday morning.


“Science says”: The Death of Dialogue in the era of Extinction Rebellion—Following XR’s Vigil for Scientist Emma Smart.

This Is London

Emma Smart is a scientist who was “outside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy two days ago [Wednesday 13th April] along with a lot of the scientists who are here today,” Elizabeth McKelvey explains. “Today this is a vigil for Emma.”

On the 13th the group had “pasted some scientific papers and quotes from top scientists in the world onto the department”. They were “saying categorically that we need to stop opening up new oil fields, and that climate change is a very real threat and we need to deal with it.”

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